Thursday, 7 April 2011

Woyane officials in USA to lure and steal Diasporas

Here is the some of the Wayane official (Arkebe Equbaye) arriving in this country (San Jose International Airport, CA USA) for their upcoming propaganda event to convince and confuse the Ethiopian Diaspora. As we all know in this coming weeks and month Weyane plan to make a stop in about 12 major cities to talk to Ethiopian Diasporas about “how to invest in Ethiopia” and to encourage us into investing there while they (Wayane official) opening offshore account, buying up property and investing oversea. Don’t ask me where they got the money to do so? We all know the answer to that…. To come to my point is that ……if Ethiopia is not good for them to invest…… why should we? Most of all we should not invest in Ethiopia based on this major factor that Ethiopia is a country without any forum of democracy. Then one may ask how would you want us to invest our hard earn money in such place?

The truth is this regime is broke and has no money, since it very much survival is based on the mercy of donor nation and as funds dry up given the rcurrent global economy crises they have turn their attention into trying to confuse and steal Diasporas hard earning money.  WE SHOUL SAY NO, NO NO, NO, AND NO TO Wayane!

THIS PICTUR WAS taken by our contributor at San Jose International Airport there is more related pictures and video to come.

Victory to Ethiopian people!

EPRPYL (Ethiopian People Revolutionary Party Youth League)

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